• Our Efforts

    Jaguar Habitat is taking the conservation efforts that we have been working on for the last few years to a higher level. We are actively expanding our efforts to restore previously cleared areas back to full potential as Tropical Forest Habitat.

  • Biodiversity

    We found that many species are struggling for survival due to deforestation and habitat destruction.
    To counter deforestation is the primary mission of Jaguar Habitat.

    A good example of the high biodiversity is that on the 250 acres of forest owned by Green Hills Butterfly Ranch, all 5 of the native cats exist in viable numbers.

  • The Rainforest

    The Broadleaf Tropical Forest in Belize has a dramatic biodiversity. Even though the forests in Central America are relatively small compared to the Amazon and Congo jungles, the biodiversity is on a similar scale. This fact underscores the vital importance of preserving the forest and restoring previously cleared land. Even small areas provide habitat for a huge diversity of flora and fauna.